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About Us

ZiNova was created to revolutionize the dental implant marketplace. Together with a multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, businessmen, investors, engineers, scientists and doctors, committed to improving the oral and comprehensive health of patients in need of dental implants free of metal.  Our cutting edge CIM technology sets us apart from any other organization in our space.  

We are aligned with the purpose of having a triple impact on our nation: economic, social and environmental.  We are constantly innovating our processes, technologies and biomaterials to generate solutions and products – dental implant systems – of high added value, accessible to people, with high quality and competitiveness for health professionals and generate a positive impact in caring for the world we live in.


Ask your provider for ZiNova implants!!!

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Meet The Team


G. Andrew Kaminsky

Andrew is a member of the Executive Committee for ZiNova, LLC as well as a Partner. He brings a many years of experience leading Sales and Marketing organizations in the technology space.

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MABB Biomaterials is a bioengineering company committed to innovation in processes, technologies and biomaterials generating solutions and high quality products at competitive costs, to add value to the whole health market and related industries, with the purpose of improving human life quality.


MABB transforms modern bioceramics into implantable medical devices. Through our Innovation Center, we turn your ceramic implant systems design and manufacturing ideas into a high-quality, reliable and low cost reality.

Our Team
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Dr. Joan Pi Anfruns

Dr. Joan Pi-Anfruns was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. He earned his degree as a Doctor of Dental Medicine in 2004 from the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.

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Dr. Richard Stevenson

Dr. Richard Stevenson received his D.D.S. from the UCLA School of Dentistry in 1986, where he also earned a Certificate in Advanced Education in General Dentistry.

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